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Exceptional Eyecare. Exceptional Results.
Because you & your eyes deserve nothing less.

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It doesn't feel like a typical medical office
because we don't want you to feel like a typical "patient".

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meet our doctors

Exceptional Eyecare. Exceptional Results.

Because YOU & YOUR EYES Deserve Nothing Less.

One visit and you'll know right away that we are not like other eyecare facilities. Everything about OPTX has been designed with you and your comfort in mind.

From the modern, appealing architecture to the clean surfaces and warm, welcoming staff, you'll know that this is far removed from a typical eyecare facility. It doesn't feel like a typical medical office - because we don't want you to feel like a typical "patient."

Dr. Diamante is committed to excellence in eyecare. His goal is to protect and preserve each person's vision through early diagnosis, treatment and education. He has served the community for nearly 20 years with comprehensive medical and surgical eyecare for the entire family. Dr. Diamante and his team are committed to providing an outstanding patient experience unlike any other. He is extremely passionate about restoring and improving vision. He's also a skilled surgeon who delivers exceptional results treating cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases and conditions.


A pain-free, non-invasive laser procedure, vitreolysis can provide much-needed relief from your eye floaters - and help you take back your quality of vision.

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Dr. Diamante utilizes the latest techniques and delivers the most advanced technologies in cataract surgery. He regularly attends national ophthalmology meetings and is always learning about up-to-the-minute advancements in the field.
Dr. Diamante is the only ophthalmologist in Rhode Island performing custom bladeless laser cataract surgery. Clinically proven, custom bladeless laser cataract surgery offers significant advantages over traditional cataract surgery with metal blades, including enhanced precision, accuracy, faster recovery, and improved astigmatism management.

To learn how a world-class team delivers the best results in bladeless laser cataract surgery, request an appointment online or call the most trusted name in eyecare - Giulio Diamante, MD - at 401.521.3606.

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Advanced Technology Lenses

If you're seeking to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses after cataract surgery, take a moment to explore Advanced Technology Lenses such as the Restor Multifocal Lens to correct distance, intermediate and near vision and the Acrysof Toric Lens to correct astigmatism. With all of the surgical options that are currently available to a cataract patient, now is the best time ever to have cataract surgery.

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comprehensive eyecare

Dr. Diamante is a board certified ophthalmologist with extensive training in all areas of medical and surgical ophthalmology. Dr. Diamante and his team of eyecare professionals provide consultation in all areas of ophthalmology including complete eye exams, customized prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses as well as exceptionally precise screening for disease and disorders of the eye and visual system. Dr. Diamante also performs surgery for common eye conditions such as cataracts, dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, as well as emergency eye trauma.

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OPTX Rhode Island is well recognized for its commitment to technology, allowing us to gather an extraordinary collection of information about a patient's eyes and vision. For example, we have imaging devices that identify eye disease states at the cellular level.  Additionally, we have the latest technology to assist us in dispensing eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions with extraordinary accuracy. The result of these impressive technologies is earlier diagnosis of disease and more accurate assessments, all leading to better outcomes for our patients. Quality resonates throughout our practice and we are proud of it.

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Dr Diamante remains in the news by offering the latest diagnostic technologies and breakthrough procedures for his patients, along with the finest quality and most fashionable eyewear. In addition to his practice, Dr. Diamante is dedicated to community involvement in educating the public with this columns and presentations.