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Contact Lenses Rhode Island

Contact Lens Fittings in Rhode Island

Many patients enjoy visual freedom with contact lenses. Most contact lens wearers feel more confident without eyeglasses and appreciate the option of wearing non-prescription sunglasses. At OPTX, our doctors work closely with you to achieve your desired goals with contact lenses.

Advancements in contact lens design have helped patients to achieve clearer vision, better comfort, and a variety of other substantial benefits. For example, daily disposable options are available for those who want to wear contact lenses occasionally, possibly for sports or special events. Toric contact lenses correct most prescriptions with astigmatism. Colored contacts allow patients to change their appearance with a new eye color. Multifocal contacts enable patients over 40 years old to see both far away and near clearly. There are better contact lens options for those who were intolerant in the past or have dry eye syndrome. Bandage contact lenses act as a protective barrier to the front surface of the eye, allowing corneal disease or injuries to heal more easily. Finally, specialty lenses are available to correct blurred vision associated with corneal diseases such as keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration.

contact lenses A contact lens evaluation begins with a conversation regarding lifestyle and visual goals. Next, the patient’s vision and contact lens prescription are assessed using the latest wavefront technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Contact lenses will then be selected based on each patient’s unique needs and prescription. A patient’s vision with new contact lenses is tested and adjustments are made until the clearest vision is achieved. We are sensitive to the needs of a new contact lens wearer. All new contact lens wearers will be given one-on-one training of insertion and removal techniques, as well as hygiene and lens care education. A patient will feel absolutely comfortable with their new lenses before leaving our office.

In addition to soft contact lenses, our doctors have special training and experience fitting rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP) and keratoconic RGP lenses. Keratoconus is a progressive condition causing thinning of the cornea. Many complex corneal diseases require RGP lenses that deliver the clearest vision. At OPTX, we use the Marco OPD and Pentacam systems, the most advanced corneal technologies. These allow our doctors to calculate custom and precise contact lens prescriptions.

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