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Retinal Tears in Rhode Island

Floaters, which are also referred to as posterior vitreous detachments, are caused by the normal aging process where the vitreous or gel within the eye begins to liquefy over time. The vitreous then can begin to break up into smaller segments resulting in what we perceive as floaters. Some floaters will go away by themselves while others may persist indefinitely.

Floaters and Flashes

A person’s awareness of floaters will change from time to time based on lighting conditions. They usually become less noticeable as time passes since the brain tends to adapt to their presence. It is important, however, to note that sudden onset of new floaters, with or without accompanying flashes of light, is a potentially serious event requiring immediate evaluation. Sudden onset of floaters with or without flashes of light can be a sign of a retinal tear or, even more concerning, a retinal detachment. These conditions can both lead to permanent loss of vision.

Dr. Diamante has technology which can assist in precisely identifying even the smallest retinal tears, which can result in floaters. Our Optos technology can assist to document the peripheral retina, where retinal tears tend to occur. This part of the eye can be difficult to examine. During a normal examination of the retina, only approximately 15% of it can be viewed at one time. The Optos assists in giving a larger dimensional view of the retina, enabling us to better localize these small lesions.

If a retinal tear occurs, focal laser treatment can correct this problem. The application of this laser to the can act to weld the retina back into place. This prevents progression to a full retinal detachment. Dr. Diamante has extensive experience in treating these types of retinal tears.

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