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Dr. Diamante: the ONLY cataract surgeon in Rhode Island who uses ORA System with Verifeye+ technology!

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ORA System with Verifeye+

The ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) System with Verifeye+ is a cutting edge technology developed by Wavetec that enables Dr. Diamante to measure the eye during surgery to verify that the perfect lens is selected to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism. This essential replacement lens will help you see clearly for the rest of your life. The ORA System with Verifeye+ is available as an option with custom bladeless laser or standard cataract surgery.

Prior to ORA, surgeons were limited in assessing visual quality potential during the procedure, waiting weeks to determine the outcome. Now, this visual information is available ON DEMAND during cataract surgery. ORA System with Verifeye+ optimizes any cataract procedure!

The ORA System with Verifeye+ analysis is especially critical with multifocal lenses and for patients who have had prior eye surgery, including LASIK, LASEK, PRK and RK, making standard in-office lens measurements difficult. Lens measurements with a cataract-clouded eye is also problematic.

Now, during cataract surgery, ORA enables Dr. Diamante to make the most accurate lens measurement and selection for your eye. This technology maximizes your chances for a perfect visual result after cataract surgery, and may even completely eliminate the need for eyeglasses!

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How does the ORA System with Verifeye+ work?

The ORA System with Verifeye+ directs a low-intensity laser beam into the eye during surgery, reflecting off the back of your eye. Sensors in the ORA device analyze the reflected light wave.

After the cataract is removed, this real-time ORA analysis measures the eye’s optical characteristics and provides Dr. Diamante an accurate measurement of the eye’s focusing capabilities. The ORA uniquely enables Dr. Diamante to correct the eye’s vision in “real time” so that the patient may not need eyeglasses after surgery.


Watch ORA System with Verifeye+ video below:

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