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Second Opinion Exams Rhode IslandSometimes a patient may need to get a second opinion in order to get a correct, thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. With so many eye conditions and diseases that can have similar symptoms and presentations, proper diagnosis can sometimes be challenging, even for experienced eye doctors. For instance, a patient may be diagnosed with a simple vision change, when they actually may have cataracts or other underlying conditions.

For patients who feel that their eye doctor cannot provide a sufficient exam, or for patients left with unanswered questions, a second opinion may be beneficial. Dr. Diamante is pleased to provide comprehensive second opinions in which he offers a non-biased view and develops his own diagnoses and treatment plans.

To learn how a world class team can give you a comprehensive second opinion regarding any eye disease or vision related problem, fill out our online appointment form or call the most trusted name in eye care – Giulio Diamante, MD & Associates – at 401.521.3606.